Sunday, October 4, 2009

Staples of a Barcelona Existence

1.  Maoz Falafel
Vegetarian.  Even if you're not vegetarian, it doesn't matter.  Unlimited toppings.  Unlimited toppings as many times as you need to go back up, at 3am, post-clubbing, bits of falafel stuck to your face, heading back up to the counter to get more garlic mayo and tabouli and cucumber sauce.  All this for 4,30 Euro.  Nom nom.  You never really liked that shirt anyway. 

2.  The Baguette

Absolutely the staple of 90% of your at-home food creations once your first week of "Let's Cook Together!!" enthusiasm wears off.  Baguette and cheese.  Baguette and meat.  Baguette and nutella.  Baguette and eggs.
3. FCB
If you don't like soccer, pretend to.  Just nod and cheer when everyone else does.  Doing otherwise is risking your life in a serious way.

4.  THE Tomato
The other staple of the at-home diet.  Tomato and eggs.  Tomato and cheese. Tomato and baguette.  Tomato smeared on baguette to eat baguette and cheese/baguette and meat/baguette cheese and meat.

5.  Cafe Con Leche
Like a cappuchino, but better because you're in Spain and it's 1,20 Euro.

6. Chocolate Croissant
Best breakfast.  Filling is like nutella without the hazelnuts.  Best served by boyfriend who goes out to get them fresh while you sleep in until 11.

7.  Estrella Damm
Estrella = Star.  Star-beer.  Preferred beer of Rainbo-Brite.  So cheap.  Sponsors everything.  Tastes terrible.  Embrace it.

8.  Gelato
I'm averaging about 2 a day.  Favorites = stracciatella and Kinder egg.  Not so much = 'quark', the cheese-flavored one, or 'nata', the no-flavor one.

9.  Patatas Bravas
Fried potatos with spicy ketchup and mayo.  Some sports bar somewhere will one day realize how Awesome these are, and then I will have an excuse to watch sports too.

10.  Jamon
Dry-cured Spanish ham.  Sold by entire legs.  Disgusting.  Everywhere.  Bleghhhh.

11.  Pintxos
Love affair.

12.  Sangria
Love affair #2.

13. Cigarettes
Everyone.  Everywhere.  Sometimes on the subway.  Bars, restaurants.  The warnings don't mess around though.  US Cigarettes:  'Cigarettes have been shown to be harmful to your health'.  Spain Cigarettes:  'Cigarettes will cause you to die a long and very painful death.'

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