Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This Boat is For Real

On October 21 I am going to fly from Barcelona to Geneva, and then from Geneva to Washington, DC, and then maybe Kat Chiasson will pick me up in a zip car because she has a membership now.

My current existence involves Not Doing Anything Productive Ever. Spain is really so cool, so this is not an Issue, but cannot actually go on being The Only Thing I Ever Do. Kris will stay here until Nov 3 at least. He also has a job teaching 4 days a week and is not as incredibly useless as me.

I don't want to tutor, and thus far it hasn't been an issue since no one wants me. Ok, well I give these two kids lessons twice a week. But. I've never met the woman who hired me and all I did was send her my resume. Which has absolutely no experience 1) with children 2) teaching. I guess they figure the parents can screen you, but the kids were home alone the first time I went. Hey... kids. They mostly fight in Spanish while I try and think up time consuming exercises and hope someone will fire me.

Unless something magical appears in the form of someone wanting to pay me a lot of Euros to perform a job that requires me to speak only English, and therefore is pointless to exist in Barcelona, I'm coming back to USA. Although, if someone wants to give me a cool real job, I would stay the crap out of Spain. You've got 12 more days, Mr. Sexy Yacht-Owner.

So lately:

We went to the RED BULL AIR RACE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. PLANES ALL FLYING THROUGH STUFF AMPED ON RED BULL YEAHHHHHHHHH. The whole time you feel really nervous for them because the announcers talk in REALLYFASTSPANISHLIKETHEYAREOH-OH-OHHHH-GOINGTOHAVEHEARTATTACKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! And to be fair I guess they are going like 400 kph and completing these courses in 1:27 min. A British guy won. He is now the world champion of small plane flying through blowup obstacle courses. HOLLER.

Saturday night we got dressed up to go check out cocktails the new W Hotel that opened up on the beach a few days ago. 

Instead, Luiz had cute pajamas on and we had gin cocktails on, so we all did this for two hours instead:

A little over a week ago --

Keep in mind that about 70% of this blog is recorded within 2 – 14 days of Whatever Focal Entry Occurrence, but 70% the time it tends toward the '14' side of things.

– ... a little over a week ago, my ex-boss from New York City was in Spain for the San Sebastian film festival with one of her clients. While I was still functioning as her personal assistant in New York, she had told me she intended to go and I told her that, well, I'd “OBVIOUSLY come see her, wherever, if she made it to the country.” And then she did.

Oh, fancy that. How many of these plans I make... months in advance... without any research or real consideration. Anywho, after a few trysts with the google search box, I discovered that San Sebastian is 7 hours away by bus, and more Euros than I care to spend going to a place I don't care about on sub-ideal transportation. But, I went, keeping my word and all that, plus she really does love me and I feel guilty for stranding her with a terrible replacement assistant. Ever since I quit the talent management biz where I was “Sara” I've progressed (?) to “My little lovebucket”, with email correspondence signed xoxo.

7 hours on a bus and then we walked around a sleepy town for like 2 days. Spending intense quality time with someone you have technically worked for up until now... maybe you don't need 2 whole days, you know? A lunch would have cut it. We did a lot of sitting and sangria drinking and coffee drinking and shopping. I do like the boss. I was happy, in the obligated kind of way, that I went.

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